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WordPop! 2.0 for Windows Mobile

Part puzzle, part word creation, and all fun. Clear the board by creating words! As you pop each word from the board, there are fewer and fewer letters left. Plan ahead to win the round and the game. WordPop! is easy to learn and thoroughly entertaining. FREE TRIAL

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WordPop Pocket PC Game   WordPop Pocket PC Game
  • Unique blend of strategy puzzle and word-creation game
  • Three difficulty levels to fit your skill level
  • Game board can be rotated to reveal new letter combinations
  • Best Words screen to show off your big words
  • Word List with 80,000+ entries
  • Install to device or memory card
  • Beautiful Graphics and Enhanced Sound
  • Help section with rules and scoring
  • Play a little, or play a lot—there’s no wrong way to play WordPop!
  Awards & Reviews


2008 PocketPC Magazine Awards "WordPop! finalist for Best Word Puzzle game."


PalmAddict Award of Excellent 2007 Logo

2007 Palm-Mac "All in all, a first class game that will keep you going for ages."


2006 PocketPC Magazine 1 of 2 finalist for best word game.
PDAGround Logo 2005 PDAGround Best Game for Pocket PC

Pocket PC Logo 2005 Allen Gall's Weekly Review - 3.4 of 4 Stars


2005 PocketNow.com - "...by far, is the best game I have on my iPAQ (and I'm a connoisseur!). 5 Stars", Richard Adams.

2005 ClintonFintch.com - "The game play is excellent and addicting, even for non-word game players."

2005 PDAGround - "...the implementation is great."

2005 Handango - 5 out of 5 Stars Awarded by Users

2004 PC Magazine - 4.5 of 5 Stars

"WordPop? FANTASTIC!!!! I could not put my i-Mate Jam down last night and the television stayed off! I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I used to love the game 'Boggle' but this is a league ahead. It's number one on MY play list." Dale, UK

"I love this game. I've played 2779 games. All your games are really well made." Nicole S., Pennsylvania

"If you love word games, this one is absolutely GREAT!!!! The best word game I've played yet. My wife also loved it so much that I ended up having to buy her a copy too." Jesse W., Florida

"This game combines the the challenge of scrabble with the creativity of boggle. If you are addicted to word games, this one is a must! ." Suzanne P., Texas

"This game is phenomenal. It works on many levels -- my five year old enjoys just finding words to click on, while those a little older will feel the gears in their heads churning as they try to align letters." Christine V., New York

"This game will creep up on you like an addiction. Gorgeous graphics in a really well balanced game. I love it!" Author H., California

"In recent weeks my old favourites have been blown away by a new favourite - Smart Box Design's WordPop!. I love games that you can put down, come back to, and play during a few spare minutes." Darren A., UK

  Version 2.0
  • Now supports Palm Treos and Following Resolutions
    • 240 x 240
    • 320 X 320
    • 240 x 320
    • 320 x 240
    • VGA compatible
  • Added Undo Last Move
  • Players can now clear the best words screen
  • Players can now clear the high scores screen
  • Increased the size of the dictionary
  • The letter I is now accepted as a word
  • The Bonus Tiles can now be dragged and dropped
  • Added "Use System Sound" to Preferences
  • Added Windows Mobile Treo Support
  • Added New Player Training Tips
  • Added the ability to turn on or off Training Tips
  • Added the ability to "Reset" Training Tips
  • Best Words screen now shows a lower case letter where a blank bonus tile was used
  • Updated all dialogs to new Windows Mobile standards
  • Updated menu to Windows Mobile standard layout
  • Entire game code was rewritten to be faster and more efficient

It was a huge update! If you have Windows Mobile 5.x or higher, you can install it today, for FREE

System Requirements

  • WM 2005 - WM 6.3.1
  • Perfect for Tilt or Treo
  • 240 x 240 or Greater
  • Stylus / Touch Screen

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