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Welcome to the Smart Box Design Newsletter!

Enter our whacky word challenge contest for a chance to win a Palm, Treo or Windows Mobile game. It's fun and easy. Plus read our latest review on the super puzzle game Slyders. There are always great ways to keep entertainment in your life, and we'd like to be your source for it!

Contest: Win a Palm or Pocket PC Game with this Word Challenge

If you enjoy a good challenge, why not take a peek at this screen shot of WordPop and see if you can find the longest word possible? Points don’t matter; just sheer length. But you must follow the WordPop rule that each letter must be adjacent to the next, such as TOY. The longest word submitted wins, plus two random entries. Each winner will receive a free copy of WordPop, Word Watch, Word Monaco, Triples or Farkle Dice for the Palm OS or the Pocket PC.

- The player who submits the longest word wins a Smart Box Design Game
- If a tie then the first one to submit wins
- Two random winners will also be picked, it could be you
- Contest ends June 27, 2007
- Winners will be announced in the next newsletter and / or e-mail
- Make sure to register at the forum so we have your e-mail on record
- I can't wait to see your words

Click Here to Submit Your Words at the Forum


Image Review: Super Slyder - Which way is out?

Puzzle games remind us that even though we all have dilemmas, solving them can not only be satisfying, but fun. Super Slyder begins by nearly handing you the solution to the first puzzle, but then gently, easily, and steadily builds from the moment you complete it.

The game carefully integrates new facets into the puzzles at the perfect tempo, so just about the time you're sure that you've mastered what been thrown at you, you'll get something new.

- Simple concept to learn with increasing levels of challenge
- Well-designed presentation that never gets old nor disappoints

Click Here to Read More or Try Slyding on your Palm / Treo

Click Here to Read More or Try Slyding on your Windows Mobile / Treo

Click Here to Read More or try Slyding on your Windows PC


Prizes: Word Watch Contest Winners

How do you come up with these great solutions?! Below are winners from both the longest words and chosen at random.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Merseine, Elviskurt, Steve Richines, and rfindlay

If you have not already contacted me for your prize, please do so by replying to this newsletter.

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Image Resource: Farkle Rules in Printable Format

Many of you have asked for a printable version of the Farkle rules. They are now available in Word format. The file also includes an interesting history of dice and Farkle.

Not only is the document helpful in teaching others to play but is a great resource for children if writing a report on dice games.

Thank you for making Farkle Dice one of our best selling game.

Click Here to Download Farkle Rules

Thank you for being a loyal Smart Box Design Member. We rely on word-of-mouth to spread the news about our games. If you think your family and friends would have fun playing our games, please pass along this newsletter to them by using the convenient e-mail link below. Their e-mail will not be added to our list or used in any way. We promise.

Best regards,

Todd Sherman and the Smart Box Design Team