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WordPop! Rules

How to Play

The goal of WordPop! is to clear all the letters from the board by making words. To start a new game, tap Easy, Medium, or Hard.

To make a word, tap adjoining Letter Tiles, then tap the Check button. If the word is accepted, those letters disappear from the board.

Commonly used words--including nouns, verbs (all tenses and gerunds), adjectives, adverbs, etc.--are accepted. Hyphenated words, abbreviations, contractions, acronyms, pronouns and other words that require capitalization are not accepted. The smallest word accepted is "a". The word "I" is not accepted because it requires capitalization. See SBD Word List for additional details.

Words are scored based on each letter's point value and the number of letters in the word. In general, longer words are worth more points.

High-scoring words earn random Bonus Tiles, displayed in the bin on the right. Blank Bonus Tiles can be used as any letter.

To place a Bonus Tile, tap it and then tap an empty square on the board. Then simply tap tiles to make a word as usual.

Easy level begins with three blank Bonus Tiles. You earn an additional blank Bonus Tile each time you clear the board.

Medium level starts with one blank Bonus Tile. You earn an additional random Bonus Tile each time you clear the board.

Hard level starts with no Bonus Tiles—you have to earn them!

To shake things up and see some new letter combinations, tap the Rotate button. The board turns a quarter-turn clockwise.

To end your current game, tap the X button or choose New Game from the Game Menu. (To display the Game Menu, tap near the top of the screen.)


Word Scores

A word's value is determined by this formula: Sum of Tile Points x Number of Tiles Used = Word Value

For words of 7 letters or more, the multiplier is increased.

Bonus Tiles

The word score needed to earn Bonus Tiles differs according to level of difficulty.

  • Easy = 40 points
  • Medium = 50 points
  • Hard = 60 points

For example, if you select Medium level, each word you make worth 50 points or more earns a Bonus Tile. If you make a 100-point word, you get two Bonus Tiles, and so on.

If you have three Bonus Tiles in the bin on the right and earn another one, one of them is upgraded to a blank tile.

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System Requirements

  • Palm OS 4.1 or higher
  • Treo 700, 680, 650 & 600
  • Tungstens & Zires
  • Color or Grayscale

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