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Smart Box Design Rolls Out Farkle, the Classic Dice Game, for Windows Mobile Handhelds and Adds New Features to Palm OS Version

SEATTLE –September 22, 2005 - - Smart Box Design is pleased to announce the release of its Farkle dice game for Windows Mobile devices and a free update for Palm OS users. Like most games of chance and skill, Farkle’s attraction stems from players hoping to beat the odds and roll a high scoring combination. Farkle, which earned rave reviews by journalists and gamers alike after its Palm OS launch, will now provide users of both major PDA and smartphone platforms the chance to enjoy this classic dice game whenever and wherever they want.

Farkle is an enormously popular game throughout the world. Players roll a set of six dice for points and can continue rolling the dice as long as their roll continues to yield points. Any non-scoring roll is called a Farkle and the player forfeits their turn and any points accumulated during that turn. Players must gauge the risk of rolling again after setting aside scoring dice and decide whether to “bank” their points or risk them for a potentially higher score.

Farkle offers players an opportunity to challenge friends or compete against a variety of “intelligent” computer opponents with a wide range of personalities—from cautious to daring—that will determine the level of risk each opponent is willing to take when deciding just how far to push their luck.
The “artificial intelligence” of the Farkle opponents was praised by PC World Magazine in its review of the game. The reviewer enjoyed being able to select from a number of AI opponents, each employing a different level of risk in its game-playing strategies.

The just-released Windows Mobile and Palm version offers a new game variation: players cannot pass to the next player if they choose to keep all of the dice as rolled. This additional variation adds a new strategy to the game by having the user consider the benefit of keeping all the dice and chancing another roll (and therefore a possible Farkle) or keeping fewer dice with a lower score and passing.

“We have been thrilled by the response to our WordPop! game from the Windows Mobile market, and we’re excited to deliver another title to that platform,” said Todd Sherman, president of Smart Box Design. “Farkle is unlike any other game being released for Pocket PCs, and those who are looking for something different to play will enjoy Farkle.”

A free trial version is available at It can be purchased for US$14.95.

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