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February 10, 2004 09:42 AM US Eastern Time zone

Smart Box Design Launches WordPop!™, a Challenging Word Game for Palm Powered Mobile Devices; WordPop!™ Combines Strategy, Skill and Luck in an All New Word Game

PalmSource Developer Conference

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 10, 2004--Smart Box Design announces the release of WordPop!™, a challenging word creation game for Palm Powered mobile devices featuring a list of over 80,000 word possibilities. Those who enjoy word games such as Boggle and Scrabble will find WordPop!™ an addictive new part of their PDA game collection.

"The advanced graphics and engaging user interface of WordPop!™ extends the functionality of Palm Powered smart mobile devices to deliver a highly-interactive mobile gaming experience," said Larry Berkin, director of developer marketing, PalmSource, Inc. "The introduction of WordPop!™ for Palm OS will enable Smart Box Design to expand its reach into the growing mobile gaming market."

Players of WordPop!™ are challenged to create words and use strategy skills to rack up high scores. The game requires players to take a strategic approach to assemble various combinations of words on a game board comprised of randomly placed letter tiles. The object of the game is to clear the board by creating words from the letter tiles. As each word is formed, the tiles in the word are removed and the remaining tiles fall into the vacated spaces and create new word possibilities.

A strategic approach to the game is essential to winning. Players need to plan ahead in order to clear the board and move on to the next round. To increase the number of word possibilities, players can also rotate the board to rearrange the letters.

WordPop!™ was designed for players of all ages and skill levels. The breadth of the game's word list allows players to push the limits of their vocabularies and creates an excellent educational tool for parents and educators. WordPop!™ has three difficulty levels, Easy, Medium, and Hard, to accommodate both novice and advanced players. Each level also offers a distinctive experience, giving players the choice of playing a relaxing game or challenging their intellect.

Smart Box Design developed WordPop!™ with a host of options to enable players to keep track of their progress and help develop skills necessary for getting higher scores with each subsequent game. The game offers a "Best Words" screen, which displays the highest-scoring words created by the player and "High Score" screens to show the number of rounds accomplished and points scored.

"WordPop!™ was built from the ground up to be a great game on Palm OS handheld devices," said Ted Peters, Smart Box Design's vice president of engineering. "The effort at creating this game is clearly demonstrated in the stunning art, great interface, and unique gameplay. For those who enjoy word games, WordPop!™ will be an excellent addition to their PDA game collection."

Detailed information about WordPop!™ and a trial version are available at

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