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Welcome to the Smart Box Design Newsletter!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Time to spice up your gaming entertainment with Cake Mania and offer you a chance to win a free game by entering our Word Watch contest. There are always great ways to keep entertainment in your life, and we'd like to be your source for it!

Image Review: Cake Mania - Where do I get my slice?

It’s amazing how you can take something that would be stressful in real life, move it over to the video game arena, and it becomes fun. When you really get going on some of the later stages and your kitchen starts filling up with bake-able goods, you’ll either be in a zen-like state of baking concentration, or a frantic fit of quick tapping as you shout out loud at your customers to wait their turns.

- Entertaining for wide range of ages of game player ability
- Simple concept to learn with increasing levels of challenge
- Well-designed presentation that never gets old nor disappoints
- New game play options maintain your sugar addiction

Click Here to Read More or Try Baking on your Palm

Click Here to Read More or try Baking on your Windows PC

Contest: Spelling Counts - Win a Palm or Windows Mobile Game

To the right is a screen shot of Word Watch, our unscramble timed word game. Create the longest word you can using as many green and red tiles. However, the word must contain at least one red tile. The longest word with the most red tiles wins.

- The player who submits the longest word wins a Smart Box Design Game
- If a tie then the first one to submit wins
- Two random winners will also be picked
- Contest ends May 11, 2007
- Winners will be announced in the next newsletter and / or e-mail
- Make sure to register at the forum so we have your e-mail on record
- I can't wait to see your words

Click Here to Submit Your Words at the Forum


Image Sale: Word Watch is HOT HOT HOT this Cinco de Mayo!

How about trying a hot game to spice up your Cinco de Mayo festivities. Save 20% on the purchase of Word Watch for Palm OS, our timed text game. Hurry, because the sale ends May 10th.

- Three games, each with their own appeal
- Stay challenged with 18 difficulty levels
- Special interface that helps you solve the word

Click Here to Read More or Try Word Watch

Prizes: WordPop Contest Winners

Wow! Once again I am thoroughly impressed with the skills and determination in your quest to find the longest word.

Congratulations to all the winners.

The longest word was found by:

The two random winners are:
jade645 and LiaG

If you have not already contacted me for your prize, please do so by replying to this newsletter.

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Resource: Windows Mobile 24/7
If you love your mobile device and often show it off to others, then Windows Mobile 24/7 is the site for you. The staff is excellent and Shaun McGill is very creative in coming up with topics of discussions that get you thinking about how you interact with technology.

The site has a large and regular following, which results in great feedback on the ever changing and interesting topics. Plus the humor interjected by the staff can make a simple topic like battery life fun and interesting.

Go to Windows Mobile and Smartphone Web Site

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Best regards,

Todd Sherman and the Smart Box Design Team