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Welcome to the Smart Box Design Newsletter!

In our last newsletter, we celebrated spring. In this special newsletter we are announcing three upgrades available to you at no charge. There are always great ways to keep entertainment in your life, and we'd like to be your source for it!

Image Farkle Dice Upgrade for Windows Mobile – Same Game, but New Experience!

Many of you own the very cool Windows Mobile Treo 700w, 700wx, or 750 and have asked us to make Farkle Dice available for it. We have! Plus we've added several great new features for all Windows Mobile devices running 2003 or greater.

The upgrade includes:
- Treo line support
- Two more computer players to match wits with
- Improved volume control
- Customized gameplay - you control the dice speed
- Improved phone control (game mutes on incoming calls)
- Updated compatibility and stability for OS 5 (yet still fully compatible with Windows Mobile 2003)

Click Here to Read More, Upgrade, or Download the Trial

Image Upgrade Palm version of Word Monaco – More Words!

We want you to finish all of your games of Word Monaco Solitaire, including those games where you can only make the final move by using a word that hasn't been uttered since the 1700s! So to make this possible we've:

- Added new words (like "ai", a 3 toed sloth)
- Added old words (like "als" a type of tree)
- Added forgotten words (like "ut", old version of do)
- Made gameplay more fair and satisfying

Please visit our website and upgrade today.

Click Here to Read More, Upgrade, or Download the Trial

Image Triples Upgrade for Palm – Play it On Your Latest Handheld!

Of all our in-house developed games, no game lets two great minds face off against one another better than Triples.

With this in mind, we feel that the two player option should be a breeze to use, and have therefore made the changes necessary to ensure that your games against other players will always run smoothly.

- Fixed a two player bug
- Updated our registration schema
- Added a cool splash screen
- Tuned up the code for today's Palms and Treos

Be sure to visit our website today and get the latest and greatest Triples experience!

Click Here to Read More, Upgrade, or Download the Trial

We want you to have the best gaming experience possible.

In accomplishing this, we do not charge for upgrades. You can, at any time, download the latest version and install it over your existing copy.

If you have any problems installing the latest version please feel free to e-mail me or click the below link to visit our support page for upgrade installation directions.

How do I upgrade to the latest version?

Thank you for being a loyal Smart Box Design Member. We rely on word-of-mouth to spread the news about our games. If you think your family and friends would have fun playing our games, please pass along this newsletter to them by using the convenient e-mail link below. Their e-mail will not be added to our list or used in any way. We promise.

Best regards,

Todd Sherman and the Smart Box Design Team