Sneak Peek of Landscape Mode of WordPop! Volt iPad

Jim’s recent hand-off of the title screen for landscape orientation. To be released in a few weeks as a free upgrade for all.

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  1. Todd (Admin) says:

    Click on the bottle to see the image full size.

  2. Joy McKnight says:

    I had Monaco and word pop on my pc until it crashed. I had a Palm Treo, traded for a Windows Mobile phone, wasn’t thrilled with it so I got the new Moto Droid when it came out with Android O/S. Will the iPhone games work on my Android? (I hate AT&T)Or do you have any future plans to include the Android system? The games are fun but like my “old favorites” clothing don’t seem to fit me anymore. Thanks.

  3. Todd (Admin) says:

    We are still investigating Android.