Review: Super Slyder – Which way is out? by Darrin Matter

Puzzle games remind us that even though we all have dilemmas, solving them can not only be satisfying, but fun.  Super Slyder begins by nearly handing you the solution to the first puzzle, but then gently, easily, and steadily builds from the moment you complete it.  The creators of the game have done a wonderful job of carefully integrating new facets into the puzzles at the perfect tempo, so just about the time you’re sure that you’ve mastered what they’ve thrown at you, you’ll get something new.


Super Slyder’s perfect difficulty curve means that you’ll always be getting the challenge you want right when you’re ready for it.  So by the time you get to level 50, you’ll have become an expert solution finder, though you yourself may not realize just how sharp you’ve become.  That is, until one of your family members leans over to see what you’re doing and wants to give it a try and has to go back to level one because he or she thinks that the puzzle is too hard!


Super Slyder is perfect for on-the-go players, like Palm and Pocket PC owners, but if you crave a peaceful playing experience at home or slightly more flashy animations and sound, a PC version is available as well.

– Simple concept to learn with increasing levels of challenge
– Well-designed presentation that never gets old nor disappoints
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