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Triples for Palm OS – Democrats versus Republicans Version – FREE

Celebrate your freedom of choice with this special version of Triples. Purchase WordPop!, Word Monaco Solitaire, Word Watch or Farkle Dice for Palm OS and get Triples for free. Add Triples to your cart after you add one of the other games.Play either as a Democrat or a Republican. Your party’s fate is in your […]

WordPop! works with Styletap

Sammy from Palm Addicts recently wrote “WordPop works great on my Treo Pro using Styletap” WordPop works fine on my Treo Pro using Styletap. It is one of my favourite games. “WordPop! is easy to learn and thoroughly entertaining. Clear the board by creating words! As you pop each word from the board, there are […]

Triples Democrats vs. Republicans Election Version

The team had a lot of fun creating this Palm version of Triples. With this being an election year in the US we thought it would be appropriate to create a tongue and cheek political game. Jim created some new art and Carl added it to our current version. The game board is enhanced with […]

Contest: Win a Palm or Pocket PC Game with this Word Puzzle

To the left is a screen shot of WordPop, our best selling word game. Two ways to win. (1) Try to find the longest word you can, and then submit it to our forum. Just like the rules when you play WordPop on your device, each letter in the word must be adjacent to the […]

Prizes: Triples Contest Winners

Thank you for all the great responses to the Democrat versus Republican version of Triples. Three winners have been selected, one for the fastest post and two selected randomly. Congratulations to all the winners. thejbfamily Rch Sangahm

WordPop New Features Continued

Here are some more features coming to WordPop this fall. All of these features have been suggested by players, either at our bulletin board or direct e-mails to me. Add Treo Support– I am a big fan of the Windows Mobile Treo line, but it has a unique square screen, while most Windows Mobile devices have […]

Free Upgrade: Celebrate Your Independence with Triples, 4th of July Edition

This special edition of Triples features all the capture and fun of the original version, but with patriotic extra features. The game board is enhanced with stars and stripes pieces and includes the political option to play either as a Democratic or Republican. See who wins more often! – Palm OS 5, Hi-Res Color Only […]

Review: Super Slyder – Which way is out? by Darrin Matter

Puzzle games remind us that even though we all have dilemmas, solving them can not only be satisfying, but fun.  Super Slyder begins by nearly handing you the solution to the first puzzle, but then gently, easily, and steadily builds from the moment you complete it.  The creators of the game have done a wonderful […]

Sale: Word Watch is HOT HOT HOT this Cinco de Mayo!

How about trying a hot game to spice up your Cinco de Mayo festivities. Save 20% on the purchase of Word Watch for Palm OS, our timed text game. Hurry, because the sale ends May 10th. – Three games, each with their own appe – Stay challenged with 18 difficulty levels – Special interface that […]

Farkle Dice Upgrade for Windows Mobile – Same Game, but New Experience!

Many of you own the very cool Windows Mobile Treo 700w, 700wx, or 750 and have asked us to make Farkle Dice available for it. We have! Plus we’ve added several great new features for all Windows Mobile devices running 2003 or greater. The FREE upgrade includes: – Treo line support – Two more computer […]