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Review: Super Slyder – Which way is out? by Darrin Matter

Puzzle games remind us that even though we all have dilemmas, solving them can not only be satisfying, but fun.  Super Slyder begins by nearly handing you the solution to the first puzzle, but then gently, easily, and steadily builds from the moment you complete it.  The creators of the game have done a wonderful […]

Review: Cake Mania a Tasty Recipe for Fun! by Darrin Matter

Darrin just sent me another fun and interesting review. This time he played Cake Mania. It’s amazing how you can take something that would be stressful in real life, move it over to the video game arena, and it becomes fun. When you really get going on some of the later stages and your kitchen […]

Review: Westward Brings the Frontier to Your Home

Our staff writer Darrin Matter reviews Westward for Windows PC. Those of us who were raised on Legos know that building things can be very satisfying. Moreover, those of us raised on SimCity know that keeping our cities up and running can be just as fun. Like any good strategy game, Westward includes an excellent […]

Review: Super Granny 3 – Classic Game Play Gets Better with Age!

Nowadays, I don’t know if people remember Lode Runner, but those of us who once owned an Apple IIC and used to hold a floppy disk (the 5” kind!) in our hand every now and then likely have fond memories of this platform. Super Granny 3 pays homage to this classic franchise and brings it […]

Solitaire Central Reviews Word Monaco for Windows XP / 98

Solitaire Central is a niche web site that concentrates on solitaire games of all types. I noticed this review they recently posted. Please visit their site to see all the interesting solitaire games they have. However, my game, Word Monaco, is a must see. 🙂 Here is their review. Word Monaco is a unique blend […]