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Farkle Dice rolls past 3,000 High Scores

Our game Farkle Dice uses Google Play for high scores and achievements. It has been great fun watching players post.

Farkle Leaderboard – 500+ Posts and Growing

In just a matter of days, players have quickly posted over 500 leaderboard scores and the numbers continue to grow. Integrating Farkle Dice Android with Google Play services has been a huge success.  

Farkle Leaderboard – On Track for 300 Scores in 2 Days

Players are quickly taking advantage of the new Google Play leaderboard in our Android game Farkle Dice. Get Farkle

Spooky changes coming soon to Farkle Diced

Farkle Dice for Halloween – Behind the scene development

We went from, “Wouldn’t it be fun to create a Halloween version of Farkle!” to submitting it to Apple in 13 days flat. That was fast! The app came out great and is now with Apple pending approval. The Android version is not far behind.  Click on image to see the entire art. How we […]

Amazon Developer Spotlight: Smart Box Games

This post was written by  Winkie Chen on Amazon’s Blog Site 08/24/2011 Farkle Dice – Free and Farkle Dice Deluxe (Ad-Free) are two popular and well-reviewed apps in the Amazon Appstore for Android.  Developed by Smart Box Games, the apps present a fast-paced dice game and offer both solo and social gaming experiences. Smart […]

Resource: Farkle Rules in Printable Format

Many of you have asked for a printable version of the Farkle rules. They are now available in Word format. The file also includes an interesting history of dice and Farkle. Not only is the document helpful in teaching others to play but is a great resource for children if writing a report on dice […]

Farkle Dice Upgrade for Windows Mobile – Same Game, but New Experience!

Many of you own the very cool Windows Mobile Treo 700w, 700wx, or 750 and have asked us to make Farkle Dice available for it. We have! Plus we’ve added several great new features for all Windows Mobile devices running 2003 or greater. The FREE upgrade includes: – Treo line support – Two more computer […]

Review: Bubble Girl Pops WordPop and Farkle Dice

WORDPOP Word Pop is a delightful twist on the popular game, Boggle. Your goal is to make words of 2 or more letters from adjacent letters still, but as you make them, the tiles disappear. The goal of each level is to remove all the letters, leaving a clear board for the next round. If […]

Strategies: Farkle Dice – Learn from your Opponents

Remember that when you’re playing against a computer, you are actually playing a program. While they do get lucky sometimes, they do not cheat. For this reason, you can learn from them. The reason that certain opponents do well is not because they really get that lucky, but because they know when to take risks […]