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iPad Game Submission – Rejected

Last week, on May 13, we submitted an update to WordPop! iPad to Apple. We were excited about this new release because it supported landscape. Players would be able to enjoy WordPop! Volt on the iPad in all orientations. I personally really enjoy playing in landscape mode a bit more than portrait as I find […]

Sneak Peek of Landscape Mode of WordPop! Volt iPad

Jim’s recent hand-off of the title screen for landscape orientation. To be released in a few weeks as a free upgrade for all.

WordPop! for iPad – Who’s iPad is it?

The iPad is being marketed as a very casual device as demonstrated by Steve Jobs on stage while sitting on a couch. The only way he could have looked more relaxed would be if he was in a t-shirt and boxers drinking a beer. His point was well taken by many including my team, the […]

WordPop! for iPad – When to Use iPad UI Elements

WordPop! for iPad  – When to Use iPad UI Elements The iPad Human Interface Guidelines describes split view, popover, modal dialogs, toolbars, keyboard and other readily available user interface elements built into the iPad. Usually productivity applications will by default use many of these UI elements, but what about games? Games designers typically create their […]

WordPop! for iPad – Button Placement

In my last blog I briefly explained the concept of flattening the design and gave an example with the description of the new game statistics board. The next layout decision was where to place New Game, Preferences, Word List, Help and About buttons. These buttons need to be quickly accessed when needed but are not […]

WordPop! for iPad – Flattening the Design

When reading the advice from Apple in the iPad Human Interface Guidelines it is clear the language and tone assumes the developer is coming from the iPhone and is in the process of converting their iPhone app to an iPad app. Thus someone came up with the idea of describing the iPad UI as flattening […]

WordPop! for iPad – Which way is up?

The iPad is designed without a specific orientation. Applications will mostly be viewed in portrait or landscape mode, however for games it can be put on a table and viewed from above (such as playing checkers). One of the first steps in redesigning WordPop! for the iPad was to create some simple layouts for each […]

WordPop! for iPad – Coming Soon

We have been having a great time working on WordPop! for the iPad. During March the team will be blogging about their thoughts and tasks as we race to finish WordPop! in time for the iPad release (which is still TBD but we are all watching Apple closely). After the iPad was announced we had […]

Free iPhone App Costs Developers

My team and I created WordPop! for iPhone. Like many developers we decided to create a “free” version of our game so potential players could try it before they purchased. Over the last six months I noticed ratings for our free version was lower than our paid version. I wondered if other developers were having […]

999 Rounds in WordPop! Unreal!

This image was sent to me as proof of a very high score. This is the highest score I have seen but unfortunately do to an error it did not get posted to the High Score page on our server.