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Farkle Dice for iPhone and Android Rolls Past 500,000 Downloads

Our game Farkle has had tremendous success in 2011. I put out this press release today. Bellingham, WA – May 25, 2011 — Smart Box Design today announced the chart-topping highly entertaining game Farkle Dice for iOS and Android has been downloaded more than 500,000 making it one of the most successful dice games available. […]

Outback Odyssey – iPad Child’s Book

The physical book is a fun read but the iPad versions brings the characters to life. I was the Project Manager on this book and I had a great time working with the team. The brainstorming sessions were great; the list of fun ideas was huge. Below is a just released video of the book. […]

Children Books for iPad

For the last several months I have had great fun working with They are a publisher and developer of high quality books for the iPad. Most of you know me as a game developer, but my background is in education, specifically teaching children how to read using technology. I leveraged that experience to create […]

Brag About Your Best Words in WordPop! for iPhone

Our Latest Press Release. Smart Box Design today announced that WordPop! for iPhone now has a “Brag” feature allowing players to quickly and easily email their family, friends, and co-workers their longest and highest scoring words. WordPop! requires just the right combination of word-building strategy, skill, and luck. Now over 60,000 players of WordPop! and […]

How I have been using my iPad Recently

I found Lost (the TV show) with my iPad. Even though I pay for cable television I find it difficult to watch a show on a regular basis as I am usually working or researching when the prime time shows are airing. I typically would watch Lost on Hulu in bed when I was too […]

iPad Game Submission – Rejected

Last week, on May 13, we submitted an update to WordPop! iPad to Apple. We were excited about this new release because it supported landscape. Players would be able to enjoy WordPop! Volt on the iPad in all orientations. I personally really enjoy playing in landscape mode a bit more than portrait as I find […]

Sneak Peek of Landscape Mode of WordPop! Volt iPad

Jim’s recent hand-off of the title screen for landscape orientation. To be released in a few weeks as a free upgrade for all.

Spring Contest – Win A Free Smart Box Design Mobile Game

Using the letters in the grid, find and submit a word that no one has found yet. 5 winners will be chosen at random. Contest ends 4/12 at midnight, PDT. Make sure to provide your email address so we can contact you if you have won. Posting your word is a quick and easy. Remember […]

The Day Before my iPad Arrives

My thoughts about how I think I will be using my iPad. I plan to review this post in a month to see how reality compares to the dream. What I am really looking forward to is email, which is silly for such an expensive device. I typically wake up pretty early in the morning […]

WordPop! for iPad – Who’s iPad is it?

The iPad is being marketed as a very casual device as demonstrated by Steve Jobs on stage while sitting on a couch. The only way he could have looked more relaxed would be if he was in a t-shirt and boxers drinking a beer. His point was well taken by many including my team, the […]