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Fantastic Editorial on eReaders and the Environment

Shaun McGill from PDA24/7 has written a thought provoking and reasonable editorial on the user of digital readers and how much paper they would save. He goes on to criticize book publishers for not embracing the technology and offer it as a choice. For example, Shaun asks the questions, how many trees where cut down […]

Resource: Windows Mobile 24/7

If you love your mobile device and often show it off to others, then Windows Mobile 24/7 is the site for you. The staff is excellent and Shaun McGill is very creative in coming up with topics of discussions that get you thinking about how you interact with technology. The site has a large and […]

WordPop! review by Shaun McGill of PDA 247

Many of you will have no doubt noticed how many times I mention WordPop! on the 247 sites and I make no apologies for doing so. It occurred to me that I play this game to the point of blunting my stylus and that it was time I reviewed it to explain why it sits […]

My Digital Generation – A fun read

Shaun McGill a well known writer in the mobile world has written a wonderful book name My Digital Generation about his generation and technology. You will no doubt find and learn something of yourself when you read it. The first three legit comments (as determined by me) about this book or Shaun McGill will receive […]