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WordPop New Features Continued

Here are some more features coming to WordPop this fall. All of these features have been suggested by players, either at our bulletin board or direct e-mails to me. Add Treo Support– I am a big fan of the Windows Mobile Treo line, but it has a unique square screen, while most Windows Mobile devices have […]

Development: WordPop New Features

In my last post I talked about the process in selecting new features. Over the next few weeks I will go over the features one by one that are being added. Add Trainee Tips– WordPop has been praised on its ease of use (thanks Mom), however there are several rules that need to be learned. […]

Free Upgrade: Celebrate Your Independence with Triples, 4th of July Edition

This special edition of Triples features all the capture and fun of the original version, but with patriotic extra features. The game board is enhanced with stars and stripes pieces and includes the political option to play either as a Democratic or Republican. See who wins more often! – Palm OS 5, Hi-Res Color Only […]

Contest: Win a Copy of Triples

Here’s how. Try the new Triples on your Palm OS device and then go to our forum (the link is below) and post your opinion about the game. The first post will get a copy of the game – no charge – and 2 more winners will be randomly picked. If you already have a […]

Development: WordPop New Features Coming

Over the next few months I will describe the features that will be added to WordPop and the rationalization behind them. Most companies do not share why they add or not add certain features and some of the reasons might surprise you. There are many reasons why features are added. For us they fall into […]

Contest: Win a Palm or Pocket PC Game with this Word Challenge

If you enjoy a good challenge, why not take a peek at this screen shot of WordPop and see if you can find the longest word possible? Points don’t matter; just sheer length. But you must follow the WordPop rule that each letter must be adjacent to the next, such as TOY. The longest word […]

Review: Super Slyder – Which way is out? by Darrin Matter

Puzzle games remind us that even though we all have dilemmas, solving them can not only be satisfying, but fun.  Super Slyder begins by nearly handing you the solution to the first puzzle, but then gently, easily, and steadily builds from the moment you complete it.  The creators of the game have done a wonderful […]

Development: Engineering WordPop

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Wyatt Webb and I am responsible for the engineering on the Windows Mobile versions of WordPop, Farkle, and Word Monaco. Todd mentioned that an update to WordPop is under way and I thought I should chime in a bit. WordPop was our first Windows Mobile game and, as such, […]