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WordPop New Features Continued

Here are some more features coming to WordPop this fall. All of these features have been suggested by players, either at our bulletin board or direct e-mails to me. Clear Best Words List – When I first designed WordPop with my team we did not think that clearing the best words was necessary. But an […]

Resource: Windows Mobile 24/7

If you love your mobile device and often show it off to others, then Windows Mobile 24/7 is the site for you. The staff is excellent and Shaun McGill is very creative in coming up with topics of discussions that get you thinking about how you interact with technology. The site has a large and […]

Happy 5th Birthday PDA247!

PDA247 is my morning cup of coffee news. Like the great rush of caffeine my news junkie habit is not satisfied until I’ve read their latest postings. I especially enjoy their reviews and opinions. In my judgment PDA247 founder Shaun McGill and his staff absolutely love mobile technology and it shows in their commentaries.

20 Days of Christmas Sale at PDA 24/7

PDA 24/7 is having their annual holiday season sale and Smart Box Design will be featured on the first day, December 1st. If you are looking for some deals stop by PDA 24/7 daily for the next 20 days. See you there. Palm Pocket PC / Windows Mobile

PDAs and Emergencies

Los Angeles experienced a rather large black out yesterday. The power outage got me thinking about how helpful a PDA would be during a blackout. If you were in Los Angeles during the blackout with your PDA you would have access to a host of data. Phone numbers to call and let everyone know about […]